LPG treatments

From our procedure list You can find most popular treatments: Endermologie massage, Lipomassage, Endermolift facial treatment.

Endermologie massage is particularly effective for cellulite and superficial fat particular influencing. For those who have problems with cellulite, excess body weight, swelled body or feet, sagging skin and who wish to improve the body’s metabolic processes, activating the lymphatic and blood circulation in the body, cleanse the body of waste products. Is also good to those who are often tired, have insomnia or digestive problems.

Lipomassage pays particular attention to the specific problem areas and is targeted at deeper situated fat deposited areas local correction. Such as ‘handles’ at the waist, abdomen and legs flabby tissues.

Endermolift Face Treatment is aimed at those who want to activate the face, neck and cleavage skin renewal process, improves elastic skin, reduce wrinkles or puffiness. Endermolift procedure for appeals in the subcutaneous tissue or delayed dormant elastin back to work. As a result, the skin becomes more elastic and wrinkles become reduced.

LPG Lipomassage   45 min 44 €
6x packet (a`42.-)  252 €
10x packet (a`39.-) + costume 390 €
LPG Endermologie massage  45 min 44 €
6x packet  (a`39.-)  252 €

10x packet  (a`37.-) + costume 

390 €
LPG Endermolift Face Treatment  40 min 37 €
6x packet  (a`35.-)   210 €
10x packet  (a`33.-)  330 €
LPG Endermowear costume 30 €